WLW Miss T Alert 58B
S: Poplar Haven 59Z ( Red Alert X Cunia )
D: WLW Miss T Ranger ( Mr T )
Mother of Serious Business 58P  and  Rev's Moneyman 52L  donor cow @ WSF
deceased 2010
bw: 5.2  ww: 46.3  mm: 15.4  mm&g: 38.5  yw: 87.8 

SW Miss Rev's 48M  (aka 248M) 3/4 Maine   TH & PHA free
S: JJN Revolution 39H
D: SW Bench Lady 186G (Cunia X Angus)
Donor Cow @ SW Cattle  deceased  Oct 2011

SW Miss Boo 15N  Low % Mainetainer  TH & PHA free
S:  Went Boo Who  ( WMW X Meyer 734)
D: Tableland Cow 15  (Simm X Ang)
Donor Cow @ SW Cattle   Dam of SW Bubba & SW Miss 722T

SW Miss SB 722T   1/2 Mainetainer
S: Serious Business
D: SW Miss Boo 15N
Sold @ Went Blacks Bred Hfr Sale for $16,500

SW Miss Chills Rev 520R  PB Maine  TH & PHA free
S: VCC Chiller 418M (Ice Pick)
D: SW Miss Rev's 48 M
Grand Female @ CWA 2010 & Farmfair 2010
Donor Cow @ SW Cattle  mother of High Seller 'The Maine Bull Sale 2011'
bw: 3.6  ww: 56.1  mm: 12.4  mm&g: 40.5  yw: 101.0

SW Miss 20N  1/2 Mainetainer
S: BC Revved 153L  (Revolution)
D: PB Angus 20E (Powerplay)
deceased  Jan 2011

WLW Chill 518R  PB Maine
S: VCC Chiller 418M  (Ice Pick)
D: WLW Miss T Alert 58B (mother of Serious Business & Moneyman)

SW Miss Steamin Business 638S  1/2 Mainetainer
S: Serious Business
D: SW Miss Steam 260N (Full Flush) also know as Went Donor 47

SW Miss Meyer 36P  Foundation Simm
S: Meyer 734  (PB Simm)
D: PB Angus  Century Touchstone
Donor Cow @ SW Cattle  deceased  Dec 2012
Mother of many High Selling Mainetainers

SW Miss Money 748T  1/2 Mainetainer
S: Rev's Moneyman 52L
D: SW Miss Meyer 36P
High Seller @ Went Blacks Bred Hfr Sale @ $16,500 to Martinez Family, TX
Full Sib to many Mainetainers @ SW Cattle

HFCC Abmrose 11L-  Mother to Milkman
Owned with Went Blacks
Sold to Brandon Bird  now deceased

Chalak Lucy   Char X 
Owned by Logan Chalak
Donor Dam of Mainetainer Calves @ SW Cattle



Our programs bread and butter is our Cowherd.  We believe that some of the Maine Anjou breeds best qualities is that of a momma cow.  We have taken years of breeding maternal genetics thru old school Maine Genetics and have added some new age genetics from the Maine Breed as well as some top Angus and SimmXAng genetics in our Mainetainer program.  At SW and WSF our goal is to have one of the stongest and most uniform set of Maine Anjou cows in North America.  Its taken our family over 40 years and we believe that we are getting close to achieving our goal.  Below is just a sample of the quality of the cows that walk the fields at our place.    


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