WLW REV'S MONEYMAN 52L  TH & PHA free   now deceased
S: Revolution 39H (S:Executive X Thunderbeef Liberty D:Showoff X Thunderbeef Liberty)
D:WLW Ms T Alert 58B (Red Alert X Mr T)
Semen Available -  maternal brother to Serious Business 58P
Many Grandson's sell in 'The Maine Bull Sale' 2016
bw: 6.8  ww: 63.0  mm: 14.0  mm&g: 45.5  yw: 112.2 

WLW SERIOUS BUSINESS 58P 7/8 Maine  TH & PHA free  Now deceased
S: Strictly Business
D:WLW Ms T Alert (Red Alert X Mr T)
Senior Herdsire @ WSF & SW Cattle  maternal brother to WLW Moneyman 52L
Walked the pastures @ Wilson's until 2014. 
Semen Available 
Many Grandson's sell in 'The Maine Bull Sale' 2016
bw: 4.5  ww: 40.5  mm: 12.9  mm&g: 33.1  yw: 78.4  carcw: 4.2

JJN Mr 8 T  3/4 Maine  TH & PHA free
S: JJN Mr 15R ( Strictly Business X Artic Power)
D: Miss KD (NBH First Time X Angus)
Owned with Schunicht Farms  -  now deceased to injury fall 2012
bw: 2.8  ww: 33.1  mm: 20.1  mm&g: 36.6  yw: 68.5  carcw: -4.1

SW Prime 840U   5/8 Mainetainer  TH & PHA free
S: ABC Primecut 643R  (Baxter Black)
D: SC Hanna 7H  (Chico X Angus)
Owned by Sturgeon River Ranch - still breeding
bw: 2.0  ww: 40.8  mm: 18.8  mm&g: 39.1  yw: 75  carcw: 2.5

Nage Open Bar 74W  3/4 Maine   TH & PHA free
S: GEF Open Bar  (Ice Chest X Black Impact)
D: Nage Ms Wide Track
bw: 5.5  ww: 49.0  mm: 13.9  mm&g: 38.4  yw: 88.4  carcw: 11.0
Purchased Spring 2010 from Nagel Cattle, SD
Now owned by Lozeman Farms, AB summer 2013

Daines Legend 92S  PB Angus
S: Daines Sir Legend 24P (OCC Legend)
D: Daines Miss Patricia (Stockman 365 )
Owned by Babcock Ranch
bw: -0.3  ww: 36.6  mm: 21.9  mm&g: 40.1  yw: 75.7

Dec 2014

June 2015

Harwood 0203X  Low % Mainetainer   TH & PHA free
S: Harwood 209  (Horny II X 6807 X Powerplant)
D: Harwood Miss (Angus X Maine)
Purchased Spring 2011 from Harwood Farms, Michigan
Now owned with Carhill Land & Cattle
Many grandson's sell in 'The Maine Bull Sale' 2018

Nage Special D 59Y - Feb 2012

Special D 59Y - December 2015

Nage Special D 59Y
S: GVC Special Delivery 42S  D: Nage Ms Trojan 183K   PB/Polled
bw: 0.5  ww: 44.5  mm: 21.6  m&g: 43.9  yw: 85.3  cw: 2.0  mrb: .39  ft: .01  ra: .04
Purchased Spring 2012  from Nagel Cattle, SD
Calves are on the ground and look good - watch for many son's in "The Maine Bull Sale' 2016.    
Maternal brother Nagel Cattle Company high seller in 2013 bull sale for $18,000

Oct 2014

BK ATOMIC 80A    PB   TH & PHA Free     born - Sept 3/2013
D: BK XINNE 0080 (Trendsetter 501T daughter)
1st calf crop spring 2016 @ Wilson's

WLW Billybob Business 820U  PB Maine   TH & PHA free
S: Serious Business 58P
D: WLW Rev's Angel (Revolution X Blackfoot)
Owned by Johnson's Black Maines
bw: 4.2  ww: 40.6  mm: 16.1  mm&g: 36.3  yw: 80.1  carcw: 4.8

RDRL Panda Joe 102X  3/4 Maine   TH & PHA free
S: NBJ Gigolo Joe  ( Hotline X  Black Stone)
D: Ms Deagle 59T  (Business as Usual X Sim X Ang)
Service Sire on Bred Hfrs @ WSF & SW Cattle
Owned with Fairland Cattle
Many Grandson's sell in 'The Maine Bull Sale' 2016
bw: 0.2  ww: 30.4  mm: 25.3  mm&g: 40.4  yw: 61.4

Raised by SW Cattle & Went Blacks
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