In 1972 Bill and Judi looked into purchasing a few seedstock females from one of the new exotic breeds that had been recently introduced to Canada.  They settled on the Maine Anjou breed and that in turn led them to buying their 1st two bred Maine Anjou heifers that year. 

Now 40+ years later they continue to run an elite Maine Anjou herd and their intentions are still the same- to raise a bull calf that a commercial producer wants to own.

Since that time they have been instrumental in promoting the advantages of crossbreeding Maine Anjou and Mainetainer genetics in commercial herds.  Over the years Bill has sold and moved well over 2500+ Maine Anjou or Mainetainer bulls into herds across North America. 

Wilson Stock Farm has won numerous awards and Championships across North Amercia with WLW prefixed animals.  But what makes Bill most proud is the success that WSF customers have with genetics purchased from them when it comes time to sell the offspring off their bulls and the premiums they receive when selling their Maine cross calves.

Away from the farm Bill has been with Calgary Stockyards/Strathmore and TEAM for 28+ years as a fieldman.  As for Judi she keeps busy running after her grandson's and also making sure cows are fed and looked after during calving season. 


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