The Maine Bull Sale

The 14th Annual -The Maine Bull Sale' is Wed March 21/2018.  The top cut of 20157bull calves will sell.  Apprx 55 bulls will make the cut out of over 80 bulls.  The bulls are on test until the end of Feb.  Stop by and have a look anytime to inspect the sale offering.

In the 13th Annual Sale we sold 54 bulls to 28 (25 repeat) buyers from AB-BC & Sask.  Sale average was $5532 with the High Seller bringing $18,000.   

Our 12th Annual Sale had 50 bulls averaging $5560.  A duo of Sp D 59Y sons shared co-High Seller honors bringing $10,000.  Bulls went to AB-Sask-Man-BC.  

The 11th Annual "The Maine Bull Sale" was held Wed March 18 @ 6 pm MST 100% Online @ TEAM.  47 bulls averaged $6128. Bulls sold to 4 Western Canada provinces. 
Top selling bull sold to Schunicht Farms @ $13,500. 
Volume buyers-
-Regehr Ranch - 5 bulls
-Hughalta Farms - 4 bulls
numerous buyers with 2 or 3 bulls
Thanks once again to all bidders and buyers.

The 10th Annual was a great success again this year and we sold 44 bulls to 25 different buyers.  Of our 25 buyers 22 were repeats and 3 new buyers.  Bulls went to all 4 Western Provinces and bidders from all across Canada and a handful of US States. 

Average on 44 bulls - 3 fall long yrlgs & 41 yrlgs was $3934 with the High Seller bringing $7900.  9 bulls brought over $5000

5 Bulls went to Seedstock operations and the remainder found their way to successful commercial cow/calf operations. 

Volume Buyers-
Laidlaw Ranching, AB
Sunset Ranching, AB
Schunicht Farms, AB
Moench Ranch, AB
Payne Ranch, AB
Ewert Ranch, AB
Saddle Ridge Ranch, AB

Seedstock Operations-
Deagle Cattle, AB
Hughalta Farms, AB
Schunicht Farms, AB
Johnson Black Maines, MB
Pincott Ranches, BC

The 2013 edition of 'The Maine Bull Sale' was a great success.  We sold 44 Maine-Anjou & Mainetainer Yrlg bulls for a gross of $180,500 to average $4102 bull.  Thanks to all buyers and bidders.  We had 24 seperate buyers make purchases of which 19 are repeat customers.

Top sellers were-
SW BBB   230Z- Deagle Cattle Co, AB
SW OB    247Z- Deagle Cattle Co, AB
WLW OB 226Z- Mackie Farms, AB
SW SB ET 257Z- Sunset Fdrs, AB
SW OB    211Z- Deagle Cattle Co, AB

Volume Buyers were-
Sunset Fdrs- 5 bulls
Laidlaw Ranching- 5 bulls
Lockhart Ranching- 4 bulls
Deagle Cattle Co- 3 bulls
Saddle Ridge Ranch- 3 bulls
plus many with 2 hd purchased

2014 sale will be March 19 @ 7 pm MST.  We welcome visitors anytime to view the calves throughout the spring, summer and fall and encourage you to view the bulls on their mothers and to see their sisters as well.  This years calf crop might be deeper in quality than last years with many exciting genetic combinations for the 2014 sale. 

Please note that our friends and partners in the past 8 sales will now be hosting their own  live sale.  Rick, Marilyn and Trevor Deagle will sell their coming 2's and a few select yrgls on April 6/2013 @ Dryland Cattle Trading, Veteran, AB.   Please contact Bill or Shawn for more info on the Deagle bulls if you are unable to attend their sale.  The sale will be simulcast on TEAM live ringside.

Thanks to all buyers and bidders in the 8th Annual - 2012 Edition.  102 bulls sold for a $3470 ave. 

High Seller to Schunicht Farms for $7500-WLW SB 126Y PB/Pld  
S: WLW Serious Business 58P  D: WLW Miss ALI 601S

The following bulls are some of the recent high sellers from the past few "The Maine Bull Sale's"


SW MM 056X ET -  Mainetainer 
Moneyman 52L  X  SW Miss Meyer 36P
Par Terre Maines, Neb

SW Cool Business 012X -  PB Maine 
Serious Business X SW Miss Rev's Chill 520R
Schunicht Farms, AB

SB BBB 029X -  PB Maine
WLW BBB 820U  X  SW Miss Chill 47P
Par Terre Maines, Neb


SW SB 920W -  3/4 Maine  Res Grand Bull 2011 NWSS
Serious Business X  SW Miss Money 513R
Deagle Cattle, AB


WLW BBB 820U    PB Maine
Serious Business X WLW Miss Rev Angel 32L
Citation Farms, Sk

SW SB 814U   3/4 Maine
Serious Business X SW Miss 20N
Ty-D Cattle & Emde Cattle, Sk


WLW SB 710T  -  PB Maine
Serious Business X WLW Revs Angel 32L
Fairland Cattle, Ab
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